The Best Stand-Up Specials Streaming Right Now

With many new comedy specials releasing on all streaming platforms every month, which are the best and why?

Stand-up comedy appeals to every generation differently. For many, comedy is how they experience relief or even a means of escape. For others, who are more obsessed with the world of comedy, it’s an art that means something deeper. Stand-up comics are present everywhere. They keep growing in numbers but only a few ever truly stand out. While not everyone can be the next George Carlin, there are many specials on streaming services that are worth giving a watch. Sometimes you just need to spend an hour laughing, and this is one of the best ways to do so. 


Jerrod Carmichael: Rothaniel (2022)

Jerrod Carmichael bares his heart out on this incredibly intimate HBO Max special. The legend Bo Burnham directs this special written by Carmichael himself. Different themes of self-acceptance, family rejection, and coming to terms with who you have always known yourself to be are incorporated. The directing and the performance are at the highest level, although, you have to understand before going in that this special is not ordinary. While it starts out really funny, Rothaniel gets more and more serious with every passing minute. By the end, you might find yourself in tears and if you were just looking for a few quick laughs; this might not be ideal for you at that moment. 


Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You (2022)

Taylor’s second Netflix special comes two years after her very successful first special Quarter-Life Crisis. Both these specials explore Taylor’s life through non-stop hilarious jokes. She has rightfully gained a whole new fanbase from these two specials not only because she’s so naturally funny, but also because she’s relatable to so many. She’s one of the few comedians in her 20s having successfully introduced herself to the world with undeniable success. 


Ramy Youseff: Feelings (2019)

In his first HBO Max special, Ramy brings a breath of fresh air to the stand-up world. Exploring his Muslim religious and immigrant experiences through comedy is a genius way to create an hour of easy laughs. Ramy has been nominated for many awards including Golden Globes as an actor, so his multi-talents are really something to behold. His footprints exist on any streaming service you look at. He has an incredible show simply titled Ramy (2019) on Hulu which you should check out as well.


Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh (2018)

Very few people on Earth can incorporate one-liners, props, music, and reference to so many films and previous successes as Adam Sandler can. His Netflix special 100% Fresh is his triumphant return to stand-up. Netflix thankfully provided the necessary platform for the legendary Sandler to gift the world with a new special. The way he uses music to make everyone laugh while impressing people with his second nature for telling jokes even after decades of being in the limelight is beyond incredible. If you’re a fan of Adam Sandler there’s no reason why you wouldn’t jump into watching this special right now. 

All these four specials are available to watch right now and if you only have 60 minutes to spend you should choose one and spend those minutes laughing. 


Other well-known comedians like Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, Bo Burnham, Ali Wong, and John Mulaney all have popular specials on Netflix too. Though if you know anything about stand-ups you may have already seen or at least heard about them already. 

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