Is There a Life After the Olympic Gold and How Zeitgeist Influences Sport (VIDEO)

One of the guests of the YT magazine's 28th issue is a winner of the Olympic gold medal in figure skating (team events) Ekaterina Bobrova. Check out the teaser of her interview to the Youth Time magazine reporter Evegnia Samodelkova.

Replying on the question concerning the main theme of the new YT magazine’s issue, what is the current spirit of the time in Russia and if it does differ from other countries, Bobrova said the following:

‘I think that each person has his own set of associations. I would say that now it comprises the Internet, social networks, gadgets and likes. My parents’ set included holiday trips, camp fires, guitar tunes, and tents. In figure skating you also have to speculate about Zeitgeist! One of our dance programs is based on the famous novel by Leo Tolstoy called “Anna Karenina.” And in order give a proper performance in front of fans and judges, you should have a fine appreciation of this literary work. It was very difficult for me to understand the heroine, who was the same age that I was (!), who had a husband and a child. Nevertheless, she fell in love with another man, and that was basically impossible at THAT time; it violated every imaginable moral standard. So now, while gliding on two thin blades and performing complicated moves, such as spins and lifts, I’m trying to interpret the spirit of that time in ice dancing. However, I’m living in the modern age, and I would have behaved quite differently in a similar situation. I mean that no matter what are the current fashion trends, timeless values will remain timeless and unalterable. When I was 15 years old, drinking beer, smoking and giving birth to a child at school age was considered fashionable. Thank God, due to constant training sessions I was able to avoid such influences. I was like a black sheep among my “cool” peers. Nevertheless, this fashion has passed and now we are witnessing a totally different state of things – youth is engaged in sports activities. And for some reason I have a good feeling that we have already gone beyond this passion for gadgets that has aroused so much concern.’

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