Success – 7 Traits And Habits Of Successful People. What Research Says!

There surely are no tenets, maxims and formulae for success. However, let’s have a look at what research has to say about habits that can lead to success and give one an edge. How we think, react and conduct ourselves not only has its effect on us but also those around us, most especially our families. Success, it would appear, not always but often runs in families. Is this success only about material wealth? Undoubtedly not. So what is the measure of success? To the mind of the writer, success encompasses health, wealth, happiness, peace of mind and a good enjoyable life with the ability to share and care.

Is that glass half full?
Good health is of extreme importance to achieve anything. So what does research say about the power of positive thinking? Actually, a clear link has been established between those who look at what they have, with gratitude and move forward on a day to day basis. These positive thinkers not only enjoy each day as it comes while working towards the future but quite automatically, or more appropriately said, naturally, develop a better immune system. A clear link has also been established between positive thinking and achieving material success and enjoying pleasant relationships. All of us face stumbling blocks, time to time and it does all of us good not to see that glass half empty. Read about the Power of positive thinking and relevant studies.

Rise and shine.
Good morning. Just visualizing the impact of a positive approach and waking up early when the sun is beginning to rise, brings a feeling of well being. Now, is this feeling of well being real or imagined? Studies have found a direct connection between those who obtain better grades at school and university and waking up early. These very individuals go on to do better in their careers, be it employment or business, compared with those who wake up late and grumpy or just wake up late or just wake up grumpy. That is not to say those who wake up late and grumpy don’t do well at all but percentages are entirely on the side of those who wake up early and look forward to the day. These morning people, based on research, have more of these attributes such as being pro active, likely to anticipate problems and minimize them, are better at organizing themselves and others, get better sleep and therefore repair more of the spent tissues and are usually easier to get along with.

The body is a temple, get it moving.
My grandmother used to say an active body goes hand in hand with an active mind. Voila! She was right! So say well funded, expensive studies. In addition to obvious health or physical benefits, these very studies show, not only do regular work outs generate more endorphins, they help improve concentration, generate an ability to grasp situations more easily and of course help us deal with day to day stresses more competently. Thus, making us more capable and evidently more prone to success. A well founded self image, indeed leads to more self esteem and the better the self esteem, the more are the chances to succeed.

Hail to the nerds.
The more we read, the more we know. I sometimes meet individuals who are dismissive about reading and say ‘ah! Bookish knowledge’. But pray tell where else are we going to acquire such a wealth called knowledge. Not just Marc Zuckerbergs, Bill Gates’ and the Paul Allens of the world, are the ones who lead the world but also countless others that are the unknown well read ones. If the habit of reading is inculcated in our children at an early age we not only see them doing well at school and being more self sufficient but also more peaceful. Convincing studies have pointed towards the tie up showing a well read person, as usually being more articulate and more predisposed to a clearer thought process. Needless to say the more armed with knowledge we are the more we increase our chances in life. After all, most things can be taken away from us, certainly not knowledge. When a knowledgeable, opinionated person talks, most of us want to listen.

Not only with others, also with yourself. While most of us would like to convince ourselves we are always right, a good honest talk with ourselves creates wonders within our own personality. Assuredly, a talk with a good friend or having a professional counseling session or even a talk with a spiritual guide helps us put things in perspective at times, nonetheless, it is we who know ourselves best with our strengths and weaknesses and all. Most successful people have this great tendency to talk with themselves, and honestly. Life is always about evolution and growth. It is when we accept ourselves, make those little tune ups in our own personality that we equip ourselves to move forward. We are the ones, who can bring out the worst, the mediocre or the best in ourselves. We sometimes hear a phrase such as “you bring out the worst in me” or the cliché “you make me want to be a better person”. However, the truth probably lies in the self since we know ourselves. This would go on to say we are our best analysts and such being the case, it is we who can bring out the best in us.

Good things come to those who wait.
We’ve often heard that one. Well, in the final reasoning, patience is indeed a virtue. The opportunity of waiting and choosing is at most times available to all of us and life is a sum total of the choices we make. Science now leads us to believe, successful people choose to wait and patience allows us to make the right choices more often than making the wrong ones. Simple enough to put one plus one together and see, right choices leading to right situations.

On this one, scores of studies have been conducted. Only some scientists and doctors prefer to call it mindfulness and others are not shy of calling it meditation. Be it the little stresses and stumbling blocks of day to day or sometimes even explicit trauma, it’s now a known phenomenon that the silence and the stillness we create within ourselves keeps us in a closer touch with ourselves, the others and allows us to objectively view situations. We have reached the times when it’s not only the spiritual guides but also psychiatrists, psychologists, scientists, a host of doctors and even neuro surgeons who support meditation. Research has also shown that we can even modify our genetic response if we meditate.
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