Student Prostitution On Rise

A vast percentage of higher education students who need to augment their financial resources move towards temporary and part time jobs. At the same time, about 5 percent of the student population are involved in the sex business mostly working as escorts.

When we think of the word prostitution, as biased as we are, we immediately think of women. But no, about similar or even greater numbers of men students are involved in the ‘business’.

According to quite a large research by Swansea University the number of students who have considered working for the sex industry is as high as 22 percent.

Materialism and a comfortable lifestyle have been one of the reasons for working in the “sex business”.

In the countries where the cost of higher education is inordinately high such as the U.K., the U.S.A, and Australia the percentages could be higher but why are students in continental Europe involved in prostitution on such a large scale given that higher education is virtually free.

One reason is of course to provide for the expenses towards accommodation, board, and entertainment. However, with materialism being the order of the day, there is always that ‘need’ for the latest phones, other gadgets, and designer clothes and shoes. Others in the studies said they enjoy the work.

Many also find it easier and a more convenient way of earning. It also allows for fewer working hours compared with traditional jobs.

Financial vulnerability does not appear to be the main reason as other research shows. It is women from even the higher socio-economic strata that enter the sex business.

Most of the students studied were quite casual about it and even those not involved were aware and fairly accepting of the fact. The percentages are altogether interesting. 64 percent said they were motivated to fund a lifestyle. Following this came those who actually wanted to fund higher education, pay for basic living expenses, avoid debt and reduce debt.

Circumstances being as they may, the complication is that once having experienced the ‘easier’ ways to make an income many of the students drop out of universities altogether.

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