Student City Linz, Austria – Home Of Two Public Universities And Cultural Lifestyle

Linz is a city of contrasts. Medieval architecture, places of worship, the old part of the town and the new and the modern, it is all there. At one time known more as the hometown of Hitler, especially since 2009 Linz came to be known as a city of culture when UNESCO called it the European cultural capital for that year. This city of 200,000 residents has its fair share of student population and international students at the university level.

Hitler wanted to and succeeded in moving a large number of industries to this city since it was his desire to build Linz to surpass Vienna in importance. However, Vienna remained the capital and Linz later made strides of its own. Today, it is one of the international focal points for media arts and digital technology. The city also hosts an important event, each year, related to media and technology, the Ars Electronica Festival when a massive number of people from all over the world converge into this city. 

International students find this city quite welcoming of them and mingling with the local students is not difficult. There are several bars and pubs attached to the students’ dorms that offer affordable prices and attract both the local and foreign students. These are the perfect place for the foreign students to make local acquaintances and friends. 

There are two excellent public universities to choose from depending upon the discipline of your choice : 

Johannes Kepler University

Official website

University of Arts and Industrial Design

Official website

The expense towards fees per semester, same as for all public universities in Austria, is a nominal less than US$ 500. 

Similar to Vienna and Salzburg, fluency in German is a must if you wish to study in the German language or you must have a working knowledge of German with an excellent command over English if you decide to study a course conducted in English. You will be required to pass the C1 or equivalent examination before you are selected. 

Your cost of living should be around 1000 US$ per month inclusive of shared accommodation in the opinion of the writer although the cost of living index says 961 dollars exclusive of accommodation. For those wanting to earn while learning there are plenty of part time opportunities.

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