Stephen King’s New Novel ‘Later’ is as Frightening as Expected

Later, King proves that he has not lost his scary touch at all.

Stephen King is one of the most iconic figures in the literary world. His horror stories have scared readers for decades now. King has also not stopped working and even at the age of 75 now, he still is at the top of his writing game. Although most people will read any book with his name on it, for good reason, ‘Later’ is a great novel that deserves attention and not just because of the author’s name.


The Story of Later

The story of ‘Later’ might not be anything groundbreaking, especially for long-time readers of King. However, and especially for new readers of his novels, the kind of story that follows a young boy who can see dead people, ghosts to be more exact, might be fresh and fascinating. Though, the comparisons to the movie ‘The Sixth Sense’ are definitely apparent, as the novel acknowledges too. Jamie Conklin not only sees dead people, but later gets involved in a deeply disturbing case full of mystery, killing, and suspense.

The novel is fairly short, especially compared to some of King’s more popular titles, with only 256 pages total. It truly is an easy and very intriguing read that will keep the readers engaged. As soon as you start reading you will have trouble putting it down since the story keeps revealing itself in such an interesting manner.

King’s two previous “Hard Case Novels” include the titles ‘The Colorado Kid’ and ‘Joyland’. Now with his third novel focused on the crime aspect of stories, ‘Later’ provides a perspective like no other. Starting off as a kid, Jamie learns what kind of supernatural powers he possesses and we, the readers, learn along with him. It’s quite a cool way of keeping the story fluid and the information coming along fresh for all involved.

For book lovers, and in particular, horror fanatics, this is one contemporary novel that you can not miss. It’s scary in all the right ways and it will keep your attention, at a time when that’s become quite a difficult thing to do. There’s so much entertainment on all forms of media that are fighting for your time, but if books are something that you are truly a fan of, on a lovely evening ‘Later’ will keep you company and scare you in all the right ways.

With the tagline “Only the dead have no secrets” and the name Stephen King on the front, this novel is impossible to ignore. Naturally, the novel also had quite some success on many best-seller lists. Though, don’t get it confused, ‘Later’ is a novel that’s great to read and appropriate no matter the time of year you are reading it in. It doesn’t necessarily have to be October for you to enjoy the twists and turns that the novel throws at you. If you’re a fan of mystery, and horror, and are looking for a disturbing read, this novel is exactly for you.

Later is available to buy on most markets everywhere, and you can also listen to the audiobook narrated by Seth Numrich anywhere you get your audiobooks.



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