Somebody Is Watching – The Eyes Of Animals

Owls don´t move their eyeballs,and instead turn their heads almost all the way around.  Chameleons, on the other hand, can move their eyes around independent of each other, which allows them to look at different things simultaneously. And if you think that the weakest point on a crocodile´s body is its eyes, then you had better be ready to run in case you come across one, because he can simply hide his eyes inside.  A fascinating look into animals‘ eyes in today´s photogallery.















1. Owl, 2. Chameleon, 3. Crocodile, 4. Cow, 5. Fish, 6. Cat, 7. Ellefant, 8. Frog, 9. Hen, 10. Parrot (Bronze winged Pionus), 11. French Bulldog, 12. Tokay Gecko, 13. Eagle, 14. Philippine tarsier.

Photos: Shutterstock

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