Shades For Migraine: The Global Campaign on the Invisible Disease

On Monday 21st, Youth Time speaks to Shades For Migraine about how you can help raise awareness for those who suffer from migraines.

If you have started your Monday scrolling through Monday memes, we have something better for you.

There’s nothing wrong with memes, but let’s just save them for another Monday, and for this one, occurring on June 21 we direct your attention to one of the most meaningful awareness raising campaigns you can join today – Shades for Migraine (SFM).

SFM is a global awareness campaign that creates buzz around migraine by asking people to wear a pair of sunglasses on June 21 to support the one billion people worldwide living with the disease. 

Today is the longest day of the year, and it is Shades for Migraine Day! 

Shades For Migraine The Global Campaign on the Invisible Disease 1
A Real Headache: Migraines can be a huge debilitation to many

“This is our big day to garner support for those living with migraine disease. While we have ample content posted on our webpage and social media channels throughout the month, we will spend the day posting photos and encouraging others to take part in the challenge,” says Molly O’Brien Public Relations Co-ordinator, SFM, who sat down with Youth Time to highlight their work on helping people’s migraine journeys.

Today, Shades for Migraine will share stories and images of those who are affected by migraine. 

 “We hope to see social media flooded with people wearing sunglasses to support those with migraines,” O’Brien adds.


Encouraging People to Seek Help  

“The campaign challenges people to post a photo in sunglasses on social media with #ShadesForMigraine and encourage others to take part.”

O’Brien further speaks about the campaign’s reach and its impact.

“The campaign has reached over 20 million people, with participants in all 50 states and 44 countries. 

Shades For Migraine gives people the platform to speak out about the true impact of migraine to educate others and eliminate the stigma associated with the disease,” she explains. 

This campaign is an opportunity for people to share their connection to migraine disease, hoping to spur more conversation. 

“By starting the conversation and educating the public about migraine, we hope to encourage people who have migraine to seek help. We also hope those without migraine will understand the severity of the disease. 

“Since 2017, a coalition of over 50 migraine-related organisations and bloggers have come together to promote Shades for Migraine to make the biggest impact.”


Taking it to the Streets

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, SFM had to revamp its traditional program “Taking it to the Streets”.

In 2021 Shades for Migraine launched its newest initiative as an alternative to Taking it to the Streets, the Shades for Migraine Community Leader Program. 

“This program will help people raise migraine awareness within their cities and towns. Leaders around the world are spreading the SFM message within their regions using ample resources provided by SFM.”

Their primary responsibilities are to educate and connect with people to raise awareness about migraine disease, while introducing people to a world of migraine resources. 

“SFM has over 50 community leaders in 29 U.S. states and seven countries. Our leaders have kits filled with resources and promotional materials like sunglasses, t-shirts, pens, flyers, educational brochures, and media resources.”

She further adds that they have gotten creative connecting with neighbours, friends, and strangers alike distributing resources at schools, workplaces, healthcare centres, churches, pharmacies, beaches, festivals, sporting events, and street fairs.

Click here to see the message of Shades for Migraine shared in Times Square Billboard!


Together Supporting #ShadesforMigraine

It is really easy to take part in the #ShadesForMigraine challenge. 

You can take part in three easy steps!

  • Wear your shades on or around June 21
  • Take a photo
  •  Post it on social media with #ShadesForMigraine and challenge three others to take part too!

If you are not sure what to say in your post, O’Brien has the following suggestion for you: 

I am taking part in #ShadesForMigraine to support the one billion people worldwide living with migraine. Raising awareness for this debilitating disease is easy! I challenge @BLANK @BLANK @BLANK to take part.


Show You Care, Wear a Pair!

While encouraging everyone to do their part and join the awareness raising campaign, O’Brien mentions two incredible SFM spokespeople sharing their migraine stories to help raise awareness during this global campaign. 

“Jo Beckwith and Sophia Gonzon. These two women have unique stories and backgrounds, however both of them have been deeply impacted by migraine and comorbid conditions.” 

Migraine is an invisible disease, because you cannot see its effects. 

“From the outside, one would never know Beckwith and Gonzon are debilitated by migraine. Despite their daily fight against migraine, both Beckwith and Gonzon have built impressive careers and have grown communities of people who are empowered by their experiences.”

Beckwith and Gonzon are part of the one billion people worldwide living with the invisible disease.

You can join the social media campaign too. 

Show You Care, Wear a Pair!

Post your photo on social media with #ShadesForMigraine. 

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