Scientists In Movies

In this list we have for you, some highly recommended movies based on the lives of scientists their verve for their beliefs and the challenges they faced.

The Man Who Knew Infinity 

This film is about S. Ramanujan, his journey from being a menial labourer in Madras, India to becoming a famed mathematician after being admitted to the Cambridge University. This is the story of an exceptionally gifted man, his trials and tribulations, racial prejudices he must face and eventually recognition and honour. A film worth watching.

The Theory of Everything 

Once again Cambridge University figures in this movie and the film tells the story of Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde, their relationship leading to marriage despite his motor neuron disease. Against all horrendous challenges, most of all fighting against the disease and the little time he may have the story tells us about the great scientific discoveries for which we are grateful to him. A highly rated film.

The Secret of Nikola Tesla (Tajna Nikole Tesle) 

Not entirely a household name Nikola Tesla is the one due to whom the use of electricity became safer. This is a film about him, his achievements, his battle with Edison about which form of electricity was better, his eccentricities, his life. Surely should be watched. 


This film superbly portrays the story of Charles Darwin and his relationship with his wife Emma, his loss of faith in God on the demise of his daughter and most importantly, his work relating to his theory of evolution. One of those must watch films.

Madame Curie

This is a highly rated film as well and tells us the story of Marie and Pierre Curie, their early life, their discovery of Radium and how they came back from the very edge of failure. Difinitely worth watching.

Photo: IMDB

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