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Dubai is probably the most cosmopolitan city in the world with 85 percent of its population comprising of foreigners. UAE is also a country that is fast investing in education and industry before oil runs out or the demand for oil decreases, considering the advancements in environmentally friendly energy sources.

A little about Dubai

There are many uncommon facets to Dubai. It’s a city where you’ll find Ferraris and other expensive and powerful cars being used as police cars. Not far back, in the late 60’s there were less than 20 cars in the city and today you will find hundreds of thousands of luxury cars being driven around. It’s among those cities that have the most sunshine days. The same as it used to be in Singapore decades back, people from all over the world throng to this city not just for the beaches but also for shopping since it’s a tax free state.

New modern tram in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The public transport is excellent. If you’re not a muslim you are legally allowed to consume alcohol and pork. Also if you’re a non muslim you are allowed to wear a swimsuit at the beaches and the swimming pools at the hotels.

List of scholarships for international students

Dubai, UAE

The following universities offer scholarships to international students and we recommend you get in touch with them:

Note that each year there are fresh announcement about scholarships.

University of New South Wales – Dubai Campus
This university is ranked by the the QS World University Rankings as 46th worldwide. It is best known for its General Education units. These include, Arts and Humanities, Languages and Literature, History, Mathematics and Science and Social Sciences.

Cass Business School – Dubai Campus
The full form of Cass is Sir John Cass Business School. It is a part of the City University of London and is ranked as one of the more sought after centres of learning for business studies.

Murdoch University Dubai
While Murdoch University has been operational in Australia since 1975, it started accepting students in its Dubai Campus in 2008. The programmes offered in Dubai are the same as those offered by the university in Perth.

University of Wollongong in Dubai
In this university too, the courses are compatible with the ones offered by Wollongong University, Australia. The university is ranked among the 2 percent best universities in the world.


To be eligible for a full or a part scholarship, as is the case with most universities around the world, a candidate must already have an offer to join the university. The minimum grades are specified by each of the universities to meet the criteria for scholarship.

Added to the above mentioned universities the government of UAE also has grants for those students who have outstanding achievements and are not nationals of the UAE, in collaboration with the universities based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Do visit their website for more information.

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