Saving Time or Convenience – The New Vocabulary Of The Millennials

Millennials have been linked to many strange attributes.  In addition to technology addiction, there is also a preoccupation with convenience. And that might be one of the themes of the peculiarities that permeate Millenial vocabulary. As shown by the following examples, shortening has surely become The Thing for the era following the turn of the millenium.


Quite succesful phrase that has taken off rapidly (video + blog) 


Hangry is the word – or better to say the process – of growing angry from being hungrier and hungrier.


When you don´t know whether to order a donut or a croissant, there is a third possibility – a cronut. Pastry invented in 2013 by New York City pastry chef Dominique Ansel.


A fashion term refering to a non particular code of dress (normal and hardcore). It is a unisex fashion, and its users don´t want to differentiate themselves from others by their clothing.


Camping, but exclusive (glamorous + camping). Relatively old concept dating back to the 15th – 16th centuries and known to aristocrats of various origins, but definitively named only after the millennium.

Staycation, holistay, daycation (Stay at home + vacation, holiday + stay at home)

The terms refer to spending a holiday locally, within driving distance, or even at home to cut down the cost of travel and accomodation.

Burkini (Bikini + burka)

Praises and curses, both – the burkini – a nontraditional clothing item for Muslim women, designed and introduced in 2005 by the Australian Muslim, Aheda Zanetti. 


A trademark product of the Turkish company ISKO, referring to a combination of leggins and jeans – or tightly stretched jeans.

Photos: Shutterstock / Photo collage: Martina Advaney 

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