Sacred Mountains – Homes Of Ancient Gods

The series of articles about travel discoveries continues and today we take you on a sacred visit to the homes of deities. As the highest places were often linked to the Gods, we will visit several mountains dedicated to a certain God or Gods.

Mount Sinai – Egypt, Elevation: 2,285 m 

This is one of the holiest sites to those who follow Christanity, Judaism and Islam. It was the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments.

Mount Sinai / Photo: Flickr – Dan

Mount Nemrut, Turkey, Elevation 2,134 m 

This is the place with the 49m high burial mound of the king Antiochus from 62 BC. It was discovered not too long ago, in 1881. In 1987 UNESCO added it to it’s list. Next to the burial place are the giant statues of two lions, two eagles and also Greek, Armenian and Iranian deities. The King considered himself equal to the Gods.

Mount Nemrut / Photo: Flickr – Matthew Keenan

Mount Olympus – Greece, Elevation: 2,918 m

Olympus earned its importance through Greek mythology. Olympus was considered to be a home of the Greek Gods.

Mythical Peak of Mount Olympus / Photo: Flickr – Lisa Murray

Ol Doinyo Lengai an active volcano in Arusha Region of Tanzania. 

It literally means a Mountain of Gods in Masai language.

Ol Doinyo Lengai / Photo: Flickr – Cessna 206

Mount Carmel, Israel – Elevation:  525.4 m

Sacred mountain as per the ancient Canaanite culture which goes  as far back  as the 15th century BC. There used to be an altar to God on the top of the mountain, states the Books of Kings. This was destroyed and later restored.

Mount Carmel / Photo: Shutterstock

Har Karkom (Jabal Ideid) – Negev desert in Israel, Elevation: 1 035 m 

According to one of the theories, by Emmanuel Anati, this could be Har Karkom the mythical mountain Sinai.

Har Karkom  / Photo: Flickr – Jonathan Gropp

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