Resolutions For 2021: Do We Dare to Have Them After 2020?

Seeing the news and living in the times we’re living in, seems like everybody is just so eager to kick 2020 goodbye and simply start off to a new, hopefully luckier year. However, with this pandemic still among us, it is only fair that we remain sceptical of 2021, isn’t it?

On the previous holidays, by this time of the year we would be taking walks under city lights, with our loved ones, smelling the fresh mulled wine and gazing at the Christmas tree all together, holding on to one another.

We would be counting our blessings and setting up the resolutions for the year to come, counting on the fact that we can start fresh. With the holidays approaching and 2021 knocking on our doors, this doesn’t seem to be the scenario of this year.

Personally speaking, I had so many plans pending for this year that I could not make happen because a pandemic became the highlight of the world. I had booked tickets, flights and arranged the dates for traveling.

Yet, my enthusiasm turned into grief. And I know I am not the only one who experienced this. There were people who had it worse, by even losing loved ones this year.

Now, of course that amount of pain, uncertainty, fear of an unknown virus will have us feel insecure and very much fragile as we walk into a new year. And we ask ourselves, what kind of resolutions can we afford this year?

Or should we just drop them and simply surrender to whatever fate has prepared for us, so that we won’t get disappointed. But I’d say there are many areas we can still freely set resolutions upon, especially in areas related to ourselves, as progressive human beings. I’d suggest five of them, which I plan to set for myself as well.


I Will Embrace Empathy in 2021


Seems like empathy was the catalyst that the world needed to keep going during 2020.

Some of us had it in us; other grew more of it, whereas some of us still need to work on being less selfish and practice more the act of ‘waking in someone else’s shoes’.

If there’s one thing that we learned during this pandemic, is that illness and disease knows no class, age, status or ethnicity.

That is why we ought to have learned a thing or two when it comes down to diminishing our prejudices for others, and simply express all the kindness there is within us.

Living in such fragile times, empathy does not cost much. More often than not, all people will need from you is a hug, a smile or a kind word.


I Will Seek What Fulfils Me

It may sound like a cliché, as searching for meaning is all we strive to do every year. However, I think this resolution hits differently for 2021, as we have seen how small we are to ‘vis mayor’ (latin term for superior, natural forces).

We have seen how things may change in such a short time, and we may have no control over what happens. That is why I hope each and every one of us tries to set more time for being with ourselves in 2021.

Maybe just sitting still, listening to the whispers of the wind, water or air more often, which can certainly provide us with more inner peace and with the strength to seek the dreams we have, whatever those may be.


I Will Be There for My Friends & Family

This may be the easiest, maybe most important objective that you can set for 2020. And probably the easiest to realise as well, since being there for your friends and family only requires your will and commitment to do so.

Add there some love, understanding and compassion and you’re good to go. You can put a tick on this resolution when approaching 2022.

All of us need someone’s support to continue fighting our battles in 2021, so make sure you try and be there when your friends and family tell you that they need you, or they express minimum signs that they do.

Being there for each other is a win-win situation, as you will feel more blessed and your loved ones will feel more secure.


I Will Read More Books

Alright, I know this may sound like a hard thing to do, working shifts, having to study, maybe having to take care of little ones, elder ones, or simply dividing your free time for some socialisation.

But I am still putting this here, as I think reading is a very rewarding act of self-care that you can begin to practice more for yourself in 2020.

If not a whole book in one week, practice reading 25 pages each night, and see how it impacts your sleep, critical thinking, and peace of mind.


I Will Make More Art

Oil painting on canvas

Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” – Andy Warhol

And the quote pretty much says it all. Whatever it is that you think you’re slightly good at, whether that is writing, reciting, singing, playing an instrument, drawing, designing or painting – just go ahead and make some more of it.

Worst-case scenario is that you will keep it to yourself – so why not? Just go ahead and let the toxicity vanish as you put it away through paper, music notes or colours. The options are unlimited.

The ones I suggested, I will strive to implement myself. I hope this will get you thinking of your resolutions for the upcoming New Year full of possibilities.

Photos: Shutterstock / Photomontage: Martina Advaney


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