Prevention and Homemade Remedies to Prevent Flu

We are face to face with the traditional winter cycle of preventing, avoiding, and eventually catching a cold.  With autumn approaching, and temperatures hanging in the range of neither warm nor yet freezing, the risk of catching a cold or the flu is high. But there is nothing to worry about, this year you will be equipped with our tips.

There is not one right piece advice that will stand above the others, but rather a set of tips that work in combination and therefore need to be treated that way.

The body is healthy when the mind is strong, too. Positive thinking during these long, dark days is not a luxury, but a necessity.


A healthy attitude, augmented with an appropriate diet, will work wonders. What does “appropriate“ mean? It boils down to an adequate dose of healthy food for the body and some hearty, delicious food for the soul.


Vitamins are essential: citrus fruit or fermented cabbage for vitamin C and vitamin D as a replacement for the long hours of summer sunshine. Essential fatty acids in nuts or fish would do no harm, either. 

As crazy it may sound, try to avoid public transport. If this is not possible, then protect your face from the people who are coughing and sneezing all around you. By avoiding the tram, the metro, the bus, or the train, you will kill two birds with one stone. By walking to your work or school you will also meet your daily requirement for physical activity.


And finally, if you already have the symptoms of a cold, these will give you relief. 

Gargle lukewarm salt water, or salt with turmeric will do the trick, too.


Ginger, lemon, and honey tea work wonders if the nose is stuffy.


Similarly efficient is strong garlic soup. Not only does it kill bacteria and, temporarily, your social life, it also adds to your fluid intake, which is equally important.

For coughing –  Onion juice with honey

To add a palatable remedy to the mix, here is a recipe:

Cut 1 orange, 1 lemon and 100 g of ginger in slices and put in a jar together with 100g of honey and 0,4 l of vodka. By keeping two to three containers covered in a dark place you will have at hand a remedy that should be taken at the rate of one spoonful per day. This is an old fashioned and effective remedy which is not suitable for drivers.

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