Powerful Yoga Excercise For Spring

I will begin with five reasons why you should start yoga immediately. First, yoga will help you to rejuvenate yourself. Second, yoga will help you to gain stamina and strength.Third, yoga significantly reduces stress. Fourth, yoga helps with concentration. And fifth - it will help you to connect your mind with your body. Isn’t now the right time to get started?

Here are some powerful positions that are popular among yoga practitioners and also simple for the beginners.


Position of child. This asana will teach you that yoga is not just an exercise but a powerful lifestyle. It allows you to relax all the muscles and the mind.


Salut position. The benefit of this asana is stretching of the thighs and back muscles and helps straighten your back.


Cobra pose. This position with the combination of Balasana helps to release your spine and stretch the muscles and the nerves around the spine.


Camel pose. Slightly advanced, but worth being included in your exercise. Start from a sitting position on your heels, legs apart, approximately as much as the width of your hips. Slowly lift up the body until reaching a kneeling position. Exhale while letting your body lean backwards. Hands go down and reach your heels. The Camel pose is beneficial for better digestion and activity of the thyroid gland. It also helps to stretch the front of the body and releases the joints of the arms.


Shavasana is an important part of your exercise – the pose you take at the end and allow your body to relax, leaving thoughts behind.

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