Places Where People Hide Their Treasures

People have unique ideas when it comes to hiding valuable objects and money. Whether they were or are in difficult situations or just need to hide their savings, the places where they choose to conceal their belongings might be surprising.

It is correct that keeping bank notes in mattresses or in cups in kitchen cabinet probably occurs to many people and might be even be called commonplace.  This article focuses on less known or even surprising hideaways.

To summarize, here are some: 

Back yard or garden




Behind walls – A contractor from Ohio found behind the walls, while reconstructing a bathroom, bills in the amount of $182,000 and a return address, dating to the Depression era.


Recycling bins


In Barns and Beneath Barn Flooring


Couches – in 2007, a student in Germany bought a second-hand couch for $215.00. Inside she later found an oil painting which she auctioned for $27,630.00.


Near Big Old Trees

Photos: Shutterstock.




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