Only For The Courageous – Extreme Airports And Runways

Flying has never been easier. Buy a ticket, get to the airport, embark, take off, land...With the extreme airports around the world, though, you will get a bit of an extra thrill and a nice little dose of adrenalin. These airports don't belong to the category of being noteworthy, just for nothing. Very short runways or mountains in close range and even a main road crossing the runway. Would it tempt you to travel to these destinations? You can check it out in our gallery.

An airport that is way too close to the nearest beach and therefore it is nothing unusual for beach goers to look up and try touching the low flying aircraft.
Princess Juliana Airport, Saint Martin / Photo: Shutterstock

This airport has a very short runway – only 400m. The minimum length required is 1829 m for small aircraft and 2500 m for the larger planes).
Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba Island / Photo: Flickr – David B. Gleason

This one not only has a short runway – 527m it is also is hedged in by the mountains on one side and has a steep cliff deep down on the other.
Lukla Airport, Nepal / Photo: Shutterstock

At Princess Juliana Airport ariplanes fly low just above the beach and at Bara Airport they straight off use a beach as runway. Apart from the usual, there is an extra issue to take care of – tides.
Barra Airport, Barra / Photo: Flickr – Matthew Colvin de Valle

This one is really facinatiing – runway crossed by the city street.
Gibraltar Airport, Gibraltar / Photo: Shutterstock

Extreme surroundings with a relatively short runway.

Toncontín International Airport, Honduras

The descent for arrival here is extremely sharp, while the departing planes take off straight above the beach.
Gustaf III (St Bart) Airport, Saint Barthélemy / Photo: Flickr – alljengi

Can you see the runway?
Narsarsuaq Airport, Greenland / Photo: Shutterstock


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