Not Pretty Flowers – Bizarre Specimens From The World Of Flora

Forget for a while the notion that flowers are always pretty, fragrant, and decorative. The following list of plants from all over the world will prove that the opposite also occurs in nature. There is no way most people would want to take these flowers home...and why not? Judge for yourself.

Corpse Flower, Titan Arum – the Forests pf Sumatra

There is no need to add to the title, except that apart from its tremendous stink, the blossoms last only about 12 hours over night. 


Rafflesia, like the first flower on this list, also smells awful. Apart from that, the interesting part is that this flower has neither leaves nor roots. 

Pitcher Plant

This plant, which grows in Sumatra, Borneo, and the Phillipines, is quite difficult to grow at home. In its natural environment it is able to „digest“ anything from insects to lizzards or even small mice. 

Cape Sundew

Another carnivorous plant, native to South Africa, traps its prey with its sticky surfaces. 

Hydnora Africana

A plant that grows underground and receives its nourishment through the mouth of its blossoms. It traps many kinds of insects that are attracted to its irresistable, feces-like smell. Well, not a flower for the living room. 

Victoria Amazonica

A beautiful plant, for change, but don´t be fooled. These water lilies use a protective mechanism of thorns under the water.


Nothing wrong with these plants, they just don´t look like objects from the world of flora.

Photos: Shutterstock

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