Namaste. Kya Haal Hain? – Hindi Movies For The Weekend

Our summer travel  across languages continues and this time we will visit India with five Hindi or a combination of English/Hindi speaking movies.  Reserve yourself sufficient  time for a long show – they are all worth it.


DK and his wife Indu lead a happy life with their two daughters Rinky and Minni.

The consequences of adultery almost destroy the family  when DK’s 9 years old son Rahul,  about whom DK had no knowledge, is sent to his father‘s home after the mother dies. It’s even more moving since the two timing of the husband goes back to when the first daughter was about to be born. Rahul becomes an unwanted burden in what was a happy family.

Dhanak (Rainbow) 

A movie about  two orphaned siblings, ten years old Pari and her blind younger brother Chotu. Traveling a long 300km on the roads, they try to seek out their favourite movie star who is filming a  new movie in the desert,  to seek  his help to provide for the eye operation for Chotu.


Leila suffers from cerebral palsy since childhood which results in her to being dependent on the wheelchair and she also has  a speech disorder. The film brings a fresh look  into Leila’s intimate  life and desires, regardless of her health condition, pointing to those neglected and tabooed aspects of the lives of people with health issues. The film was inspired by true story.

Taare Zamin Par (Like Stars on Earth) 

A movie that tells the story of a boy Ishaan, who’s dyslexia is not recognised and therefore not tolerated, causing him problems at school and at home. The parents who have high expectations and and are embarrassed,  label  him as “Lazy” and send him to a boarding school. Only the arrival of a new teacher,  who uses unique teaching techniques for dyslectic children,  slowly brings him to great progress.


Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India 

An epic movie set during colonized India at the end of the 19th century.  Constant injustice from the commanding officers towards the locals of the small village of Champaner,  is to soon bring rebellion. The means of settling the fight is that the locals must learn and contest with the soldiers in English national sport – a game of cricket.

Photo: IMDB

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