Movies with Happy Endings

The one obvious constant of these movies is the happy ending.  Occasionally, we all need a movie where we know in advance that the ending, at least, will be happy.  Yet, they won't be entirely mooshy movies, just satisfactory films that will delight the whole being. So what are some examples? Watch these at the weekend.

Corazón de León (Heart of a Lion) 

Don’t judge by a voice…or better don’t judge at all. She is a divorced lawyer working at the same company where her ex works. When in anger she throws away her mobile phone, León enters the picture and picks it up to invite her out to return her phone. The immediate empathy created over the phone call is challenged when she finds out that he is only 1,36m tall.

Todos Queremos a Alguien (Everybody Loves Somebody)

A new Mexican comedy, released in 2017. All you know is that it will end well.  What you don´t know is that it will also be entertaining and amusing all the way through. Original dialogue and innovative scenes, great facial and body language to set up of the main character, Dr. Clara, and good performances by the other actors make this comedy a film you won´t forget easily.


The Impossible 

I’ve heard that this movie can be a form of emotional blackmail. I don’t agree with that completely. For one thing, it was a great relief to see the whole family reunited. And it doesn’t really matter that I just revealed to you the essential piece of the story, because you won’t believe it anyway until you read the final subtitles. And yes, it is based on a true story and is quite unbelievable.

And finally a classic, which we have already had in our movie lists . . . and as a matter of fact it has already happened twice. Well, I think it is a brilliant movie, so excuse please my choice and you can watch it once again. 

The Shawshank Redemption 

As the narrator Morgan Freeman, as Red, implies, it took a while to get know Andy Dufresne, and likewise the viewer‘s esteem for the main character with his calm force grows gradually. In daily life, an unnoticeable man probably becomes a hero not for others to judge but for his own satisfaction. The highly comforting ending, when Red and Andy meet as free men, could not be better.

Photo: CSFD

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