Movie Tips for a Soothing Weekend

It is surprising how many films are actually based on the true events. Apparently life writes the best stories. Even for today two of our films are based on real stories - and none of them ordinary.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women
Unbelievable in the conventional times, and yet a real story, among many, of an inventor of the lie detector or the author of the most famous comic book ever – Doctor William Moulton Marston. What became a striking and provocative feministic character of his comics to his critics, had a far deeper and fascinating background.

Ladies in Black
Based on the novel by Madeleine St John, the story is set up is in late 1950s in Sydney, Australia. A charming, slow paced film about a group of shop assistants in the prestigous shopping mall . The story maps the lives of each of the individual characters and their bonds.

A provocative story of about british teacher living in Turin who took the justice into her hands and decided to eliminate the local drug dealer all by herself with a home made explosive. Only during the investigation she finds out that instead of her target, four innocent people, including two children had been killed. Starring Cate Blanchett and Giovanni Ribisi.

Can you ever forgive me?
Lee Israel was once a succesful author of biographic books. When her career is on the decline and her name no longer figures among well known authors, she has to find out another source of living. With the help of her friend Jack she figures out a simple way of falsifying letters of famous people. Her writing often surpasses the originals. Her letters even happen to appear in publications as originals by mistake. Nevertheless everything has to end and so does the little illegal business of hers. A super engaging true story.

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