Most Anticipated Czech Movies This Year

Apart from the movie Masaryk, introduced a couple of weeks back in the article Coming Soon – 5 Movies of 2017, today’s list of most anticipated movies will focus only on Czech releases in 2017.


This is a trilogy (Rodinný přítel, Nápadník and Dezertér) which follows the lives of three families with WWII as a backdrop.  The trilogy is, to begin with, associated with the former popular movie Pelíšky. All three movies will be introduced in calendar 2017.

Po strništi bos

This movie, one part of a thematic tetralogy (Elementary School, Kolja and Vratné lahve/ Empties) by father-son duo Jan and Zdeněk Svěrák, follows the previously released Elementary School. It tells the partially biographical story of Zdeněk Svěrák and his life as a little boy during the war years and his family‘s need to move from Prague to a village, all from the merciful perspective of a young boy, who most of all, is still a child who finds some of the difficult situations his family faces to be boyhood adventures.

Currently there is no trailer available for this movie.


Milada is a movie inspired by the life of JUDr. Milada Horakova in the years 1937 – 1950, when she was persecuted. Milada Horakova was an inspiring human with high moral principles. In 1939 she joined the underground resistance movement and was arrested by the Gestapo and sentenced to death, which later was commuted to life imprisonement. After WWII she joined the Social Democratic party and in 1946 was elected a member of the Constituent National Assembly of Czechoslovakia.  Two years later, after the Communist Coup, she resigned. Despite being advised to escape the country, she decided to stay. In 1949 she was arrested and accused of an alleged plot to overthrow the Communist regime and was sentenced to death. Many famous people, including Albert Einstein, Winston Churchil, and Eleanor Roosvelt pleaded for a pardon for her.

Currently there is no trailer available for this movie.

Bába z ledu 

This is a small comedic drama about a 60 years old widow called Hana who finds a new path in life for herself with the Cold Water Swim Club and new romantic relationship with Broňa. Her stereotypical life includes regular Sunday lunches with her sons and their families, who suddenly lose their understanding of her and force her to find a new version of happiness, even with her children.

These movies do not, as of this writing, offer official translations of their titles, so we are using the original ones.


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