Minimal Space, Lots To Say – Conversational Movies

For this weekend we have prepared a film delicacy. The scenes serve only to create the background for philosophical reflexions of more-or-less important topics.  We offer the best conversational movies for this weekend‘s movie picks.

Coffee and Cigarettes 

Coffee and Cigarettes belongs among the classics in the conversational movie genre. Jim Jarmusch’s black and white series of short films in which several topics are discussed.

My Dinner with Andre 

Two friends, Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory, are friends who haven’t seen each other for a very long time and meet over dinner to carry on a demanding conversation which, despite being shot in one room, incites the imagination of the viewer.

Certified Copy

A man and a woman meet, and by accident they are considered to be a couple. They play their role even after the third party is no longer present, and it is no longer clear what is true and what is a game.

Before Sunrise 

In 1995, Julie Delpy starred with her movie partner Ethan Hawke in a movie by Richard Linklater called Before Sunrise. After nine years they released the second part – Before Sunset – and after another nine years they completed the trilogy with Before Midnight.

2 Days in Paris 

This time Julie Delpy was both an actress (Marion) and the director, too, in her film 2 days in Paris.  Surely she was inspired by the above-mentioned trilogy, but chose a different execution. With Adam Goldberg as Marion’s hypochondriac boyfriend, Jack, they spend two days in Paris with Marion’s family, friends, ex-boyfriends … and many topics to cover …

Photo: IMDB

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