Mind-Twisting Movies

Plots changing, constantly over analyzed and confused in the aftermath of the earlier scenes. And even after finishing the film, it takes time to adapt to the present and convert the disruption into a fleshed-out story that makes the head spin a little. Pick out a film for the weekend from our list and stay tense and exhausted till the very end.

In the Bedroom (2001) 

The Fowler family is living in harmony with each other, accustomed to relying on each other in most  situations. Frank, their only child, is spending his last summer before university in a relationship with an older woman, Natalia, who is getting a divorce and has two children. The idyllic relationship among them all is just occasionally interrupted with gradually more threatening visits by Natalia’s unpredictable husband. And then comes a sharp shift which leaves all of them uncertain and deeply shocked.

Atonement (2007) 

The love story between Cecilia and Robbie, her family’s gardener, begins in the summer of 1935 and is interrupted by a misunderstanding on the part of Cecilia’s younger sister, Briony, which leads to Robbie’s being falsely accused, leading to his imprisonment.  Meanwhile the war starts, Robbie volunteers for the front as a substitute for jail, Cecilia works as a nurse, and Briony, now grown up, realises the mistake she has made. She wants to appologize to Robbie and Cecilia. Cecilia finally agrees to meet her. But nothing is certain any longer.

The Game (1996) 

What to give as a birthday present for someone who has everything? Conrad, the brother of multi-billionaire Nicholas, bets on a game…and spins a wheel of strange events that happen to his brother.

The Others (2001) 

Set after WWII, Grace, a young woman, accompanied by two children, while waiting for her husband to come back from the front, hires a new staff to take care of their home. The house is fully immersed in darknes due to the children’s unusual sensitivity to light, and strange voices and noises fill the place, leaving its inhabitants in fear of being haunted. The situation is getting out of hand and soon will conclude with an unexpected denouement.

Gone Baby Gone (2006) 

When Amanda, a four year old girl, disappears in a working class Boston neighborhood and the police team led by police captain Jack Doyle fails to find her, a team of private detectives led by Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro are called by Amanda’s aunt. After a series of disturbing revelations by Amanda’s mother, they decide to cooperate with Doyle’s team. Only after a couple of months, after unraveling a network of complicated links, they locate Amanda – unfortunately, she is declared death. While the family, the neighbours, the police and television viewers are trying to forget the unhappy circumstances and get back to normal life, Patrick becomes obsessed with the doubts he has about the case.

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