Meeting New Friends: How Not To Get Bored At University

The first few weeks of college can be challenging. It's difficult to make friends, find your way around and understand what you're supposed to do. However, all this goes away as soon as you start having fun with the people around you.

This is why when it comes to meeting new friends, there are loads of ways that you can go about it. For example, if you feel that your social circle back home was too small, then maybe living in a dorm will help with this issue, as people are often more friendly when they live close to one another.

Another idea is joining a club or society that interests you so that it’s easier to make friends with the same hobbies and interests.In this piece, you will learn how to make new friends at the university and avoid getting bored.


Do your homework in the public area

It’s tempting to stay in and do your homework, but that won’t help you make friends. If you choose to spend time there, you might as well leave your door pushed open so that your roommates might drop by and say hi. As time permits, take your books to the common area of your dorm, the study areas designated for your major, a library table, or a student union seat. You can meet more people and be approached by other students if you hang out in these more prominent areas.

The biggest complaint among students at universities is the lack of time. There is so much and not enough time to do it all. While many students feel overwhelmed, they can do plenty of things. One way that many students are busy is by spending too much time with their friends, which leads them not to have enough time for other activities. To avoid this problem, some students may want to ask for help with gradesfixer essay-writing services and free up their time. By doing so, they can spend more time with friends or family during this exciting life stage.


Find clubs and societies that fit your interests

First off, it’s important to remember that you are not alone in this. Academic pressure is the same for most people, so consider talking about the pressures you’re feeling with someone who has been through similar experiences.

There are plenty of ways to meet new friends at university, but there are also things to avoid, like being over-reliant on your phone or set expectations about what kind of person you want your new friend to be.

There are so many options at most universities that you’re bound to find something for yourself. One way to meet people is by joining a club or society on campus. You can also grab a coffee with a few classmates and discuss your classes and assignments together.


Explore Your Environment

Nothing beats getting out of campus with your friends, a map, and the intention of having an adventure, regardless of how well you know the surrounding area. The most unforgettable experiences typically include unexpected locations. Letting yourself get lost and knowing you’re responsible for finding your way back is a great confidence builder and will help you get to know your new city beyond the streets you pass on your way to class every day.


Get an on-campus job

Gaining employment on campus might be a great strategy to increase your social circle. Countless people will approach you for advice, information, or to chat. Jobs in the dining halls, as a Resident Assistant in the dorms, and even in the library all put you in contact with people and provide opportunities to network and build relationships.



One of the most thrilling experiences is going to university. Making friends at school will enhance your time there, so don’t be shy about reaching out to other students.

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet made lifelong friends; developing real friendships takes time. Don’t judge yourself against others; everyone presents an ideal image of themselves online, regardless of whether it’s accurate. Feelings of isolation and fear are normal; use this opportunity to become closer to yourself.


About Author

Karl Bowman is an award-winning literature writer. He has published many articles on students’ ways of life on campus.


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