Ljetna filmska škola – With Croatian Films

Within our summer language school, we will take a look at Croatia, this week. The history of Croatian cinema is rather short and we bring you films that were made after 2000. Our list represents, some original topics. Here is a range of free-spirited comedies to a drama on the tragic impacts of  war.

Svecenikova djeca (The Priest’s Children) 

Several solutions can be found to a population crisis. This is a funny and a controversial film about a priest who tampers with condoms to deal with the negative population growth in the small Dalmation island.

Zvizdan (The High Sun) 

These are three love stories from different decades that show the fragility of ethnic intolerance.  He’s a Croatian and she’s a Serbian. The story deals with the general tension in the atmosphere of the same region spanning over thirty years.

Halima’s Path 

This is a powerful story based on true events and gives an uncompromising look into the grimness of an average person’s life during the Balkan conflict. Halima is a muslim woman who lost her son and husband during the war. Both were buried in a mass grave. Now its only through DNA tests that the bodies can be identified and brought home for a decent burial. The film has several revelations. 

Ministarstvo ljubavi (Ministry of Love) 

The Ministry of Love sounds more striking and subllime than it is. In reality it’s a method of depriving the widows of the fallen soldiers of their pension.  The clerks of the newly established arm of the government are to collect information on these women and report them if they disobey the law. This includes, establishing of a relationship out of wedlock. This is an original comedy about two scumbag clerks who peep into people’s bedrooms to report on their activities.


Snivaj, zlato moje (Sleep Sweet, My Darling) 

Based on the novel by Ivan Pahernik, sentimental, emotional, sometimes humorous and at times a tragic comedy, monitors the happenings in a Zagreb suburb since the World War II.

Photo: CSFD

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