Lecciones de español: Refreshing Spanish Films

Today, in our weekly film suggestions, we start with a series of foreign movies. Not only is it a refreshing view into the film industry from next door, but also a great opportunity to improve upon a new language. Spanish movies are the first in the string.

Secuestro (Boy Missing) 

A thriller that doesn’t lack tense moments and has a shocking end. The son of a renowned lawyer is kidnapped. Not happy with the investigation, she decides to take the situation into her own hands. This creates unexpected consequences.

Embarazados (We are pregnant) 

A fast paced comedy about the traps in a relationship. Alina and Fran are a couple who enjoy their lives…until…Alina´s biological clock starts ticking while Fran still doesn´t hear it.

Perdiendo el Norte (Off Course) 

They are overeducated and unemployed in Spain at the time of the economic  crises. Two friends Hugo and Braulio get lured by a TV advertisment to go and work in Berlin, Germany where they get into a daily struggle while they keep the families believing they are doing great. One of those comedies with a good pace, superb dialogue and many funny moments.

Palmeras en la nieve (Palm Trees in the Snow)

A retrospective movie that tells the story of one family secret on the pylons of historical events during the Spanish colonialism in Spanish Guinea. Three men of one family, back in 1950s, are supervising a cocoa plantation while they develop  relationships with the natives. Many years later the daughter of one of them, tempted by a letter she discovers, comes back to find the story of her father that was until then unknown.

Photo: CSFD

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