5 Best Lazy Hot Summer Movies

The following five movies are categorized as lazy summer films, but don't be mistaken. They are not meaningless romantic comedies, but rather deeper personal or social studies, sometimes also with elements of drama. Like the feeling of perfect stillness during hot summer days which gives the feeling that nothing is going to happen at all.

Burnt by the Sun

Cannes and Oscar winner in 1994, a Russian film with Nikita Michalkov serving as both director and main character introduces a beautiful story set in the 1930s in Russia. Colonel Kotov is enjoying the slow motion of a peaceful holiday with his family. Nothing suggests that anything could possibly disturb the magical atmosphere.

A Summer’s Tale

Gaspard is spending his summer in Bretagne. He is a shy and innocent mathematics student whose only hobby is playing the guitar and writing songs. A minimalistic story filled with chatting about love, relationships, and friendships, and discovering all of them with a sunny coast in the background.

A Good Year 

Max Skinner (Russel Crowe) is an expert in the investment field, living and operating in London. After he receives a message about his uncle‘s death and inherits his uncle’s winery, he travels back not only to France, the country of his childhood, but also back in time to memories of the man he admired and loved, but was too afraid to tell him. Now the question is what will win, the desire to do what he does or pay homage to the old man and continue in his work.


Katharine Hepburn, as Jane Hudson from Ohio, plans and saves for a holiday in Venice for years. Finally her dream turns into reality, and she visits Europe for the first time, fascinated by the place while bitter feelings over all she has abstained from for years for the sake of independence start creeping in.

Magic in the Moonlight 

And at the end let’s watch a lightweight comedy, set in the south of France in 1920, directed by the unflagging Woody Allen. The story is very simple, and the movie casts Colin Firth as Stanley and Emma Stone as Sophie, an investigator and supposedly fraudulent spiritual medium exploiting the favor of a wealthy family. If only love wouldn’t get in the way of the plans! A very beautifully created atmosphere that will take you straight into the rare peaceful time between the wars. 

Photo: IMDB

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