Irreplaceable Kitchen Wrap

Kitchen wrap, Saran wrap or Cling film - all of these refer to one of the best inventions that ever entered the market. The thin, adhesive, and elastic plastic film that smoothly adheres to almost every material has a multitude of uses beyond wrapping up your sandwich. Have you thought of these uses for kitchen wrap before?

Food that stays in the kitchen for a while 

Kitchen wrap prevents crusts from forming on curds and puddings. 


Food for later

If you like to serve food on a plate and save what’s left over for the next day and keep it in the fridge, kitchen wrap will serve you well if you cover the bowl or plate with it. Not only does it prevent a potential crust from forming, it also prevents the food from absorbing the surrounding kitchen smells and keeps the fridge from smelling like your leftovers. 


Cooking with a smartphone

Do you use a tablet or smartphone for reading recipes while cooking? Then you know that it requires some skill not to get kitchen mess on the appliance.  This will no longer be an issue if you first protect your phone with kitchen wrap. 


Bananas will stay fresh longer if you protect the top portion with kitchen wrap. 



Broadly speaking, there are two types of people:  those who love cleaning, and those who clean because it is necessary. If you belong to the first category, don´t waste your time reading how to make the job you love easier. For the rest of you, here are some tips to simplify the neverending cleaning of shelves by using kitchen wrap. 


It can also prevent bottles of shampoo or lotion from leaking while travelling. 


Fresh bouquets

Kitchen wrap helps to keep flower stalks fresh while they are in transit. First wrap the stalks with wet tissue or fabric and then wrap them with kitchen wrap. That way the excess water won´t leak and end up where you don’t want it. 


Priceless helper while moving house 


For Bacteria-free keyboards

Photos: Martina Advaney

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