Inspiring Short Movies

A weekend is best spent relaxing. For this reason, each Friday we offer a selection of great movies on a particular topic. The following ones are short movies. Some stories are simply made for a short format, and you will soon see why.

La Luna

A timeless story about a young boy who is taken to work on a boat by his father and grandfather for the first time. This short and snappy movie from Pixar Animation Studios is about growing up and determining one’s own opinions and life path.

Blind Vaysha

A unique film from the aspect of both story telling and elaboration, using the technique of carving. Vaysha, assigned the nickname Blind, was born with the ability to see the past with one eye and the future with the other. What is the twist? Watch it and find out.

Geri’s Game

Another Pixar movie – this one winning an Oscar. An old man sits down at a chessboard and chess figures in a park and starts playing with himself. In a perfect elaboration of a simple strategy, the great grimaces and kind, cunning humour of the old man, interspersed with sweet episodes of cheating, will make you adore him. Very funny.

Luxo Jr.

The third and last Pixar short movie features the lives of lamps. Who would believe that lamps can have expressions?  This is a movie with no special meaning beyond introducing the future importance of the lamp as Pixar’s mascot.

The Old Man and the Sea

A classical elaboration of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.  The story that is so simple at first glance that it can easily be taken as the life of an old man fighting for his inner victory.  Beautiful visuals come from Russia, accompanied by excellent music.

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