Inspirational Women Movies

For this weekend we present to you some truly fascinating movies. Each one is a must watch litlle jewel. All the films involve what a woman must go through given the standards of our society.


Like so many things, women have had to fight for their rights. Suffragette is a movie related to the important issue of women having the right to franchise. The simple right to vote. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries women’s organizations took up the cause and these women came to be known as Suuffragettes. This British film directed by Sarah Gavron stars, Carey Mulligan, Brendan Gleeson and Helena Bonham Carter . Meryl Streep joins in with a small but a significant role. The film received some excellent and some good reviews. Surely worth watching.

Nothing But The Truth

This is another highly rated film and according to me a must watch. Kate Beckinsale plays the role of the reporter Rachel Armstrong . She reveals the identity of an undercover CIA operative. When the government gets after her that she must divulge her sources she remains gutsy and bold and refuses. This leads to her being jailed. The matter goes right upto the Supreme Court. The roles of the defense attorney is played by Alan Alda and the prosecutor is played by Matt Dillon.

The Color Purple

Directed by Steven Speilberg and based on the novel of the same name by Alice Walker, this truly inspirational film stars Whoopi Goldberg. This is a story of Celie an African-American woman who withstands horrific abuse, as was common not many years back. The film is set in the initial part of the twentieth century. Cecile keep her faith and determination that she will some day go back to her native Africa and be with her sister. The film is set over a length of 40 years, each moment interesting.

Coal Miner’s Daughter

This film is about a small town country and a poor girl who begins her career singing country music in a small bar and goes on to become a national celebrity. Loretta Lynn played by Siissy Spacek is the main character well supported by Mooney Lynn, played by Tommy Lee Jones who also supports her as her husband in the film. This is a riveting tale of how success can carry a huge price tag and how it can cause the collapse of a family.

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