In the Shadow of Alps – Study in Geneva, Switzerland

Many a visitor to Geneva has said that it’s like heaven has been brought down to the Earth. Sensational views that take your breath away, the city is nestled in the ring of the Alps and the Jura mountains and on a clear day you can even see the awe inspiring Mont Blanc. Then there is the Lake Geneva which is one of the largest freshwater lakes in In Europe. The lake extends to France and maintaining its pristine beauty is the responsibility of the Swiss and the French.

While the city of Geneva offers multifarious activities including a free open air cinema and almost everyday is a festive day there are also many things you can do around and in the Lake Geneva such as sunbathing on the beaches which are free to go to, swimming in the lake and during the winter months go ice skating or just sit by the fire, sip at wine and chat with your friends. Added to that is Skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and sledding on the mountain top at Grand Geneva and Wilmot mountain. The winterfest in Geneva should be on your must do list. Last but not the least, if you can afford it once in a while, being pampered at one of the many spas is a sublime pleasure.

Paddle surfing on Geneva Lake in Montreux, Vaud canton, Switzerland

The University of Geneva

The University of Geneva although well known for its research activities attracts large numbers of foreign students even for its undergraduate programs.

Do visit the website of the university to determine the courses most suited to your aspirations.

The university provides accommodations to upwards of 600 students and since the total number of students exceeds 16,000 it is a good idea to register early. Optionally, one can look for private accommodations to be shared with friends.

View of the campus of the University of Geneva

Why Study in Geneva?


Cost of Living

You will recall from our article on Basel, Switzerland is quite an expensive country and while education is free or almost free, you must budget for between 1,700 to 1,900 Euros if you plan to study in Geneva where the expenses are higher than Basel.

For those who wish to earn while they learn they will find there is no dearth of part time jobs, given the number of tourists who visit Geneva. Even the European headquarters of the U.N. regularly advertises for training programmes and these are much sought after. The city also hosts several trade fairs where university students can find temporary jobs and also hand in their resume to the top brass when they are ready to graduate.

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