Ich Spreche Nicht Deutsch… Kein Problem! – A Weekend With German Movies

Summer language school is still on, and those who have no opportunity for some good international exposure, please accept our weekly movie tips as a valid replacement to improve your language skills. With movies in German to fill the upcoming weekend, you'll become a pro.

Das Boot (The Boat)

War is hell – everybody knows that. The Boat is a war movie about young, unexperienced German submariners fighting, more than the war, their personal fears, loneliness, and despair – a tough experience from which a few will return, and most won‘t. During WWII, only 10 000 of the 40 000 men who served on German submarines survived the war.

Kokowääh (referring to the French “Coq au vin”) 

A playful comedy, and not only for those who have learned about their fatherhood overnight, like the writer Henry did. One of his many one night stands had consequences, which he didn’t know about, until . . . his eight-year-old daughter Magdalene shows up one day at his door, handing him a letter with the explanation that now it is papa’s turn to look after her for a certain time period. Just when he needs to focus on his life‘s masterpiece and get his girlfriend back.


Paradies: Hoffnung (Paradies: Hope) 

The movie Paradise: Hope is the last of a trilogy about women searching for happiness. The former two films – Paradise: Love and Paradise: Faith – tell stories about sexual tourism in Kenya and religious fanatacism. The director tends to go deep and confront the embarassing moments that come out of awkward situations.  In places, the movies have a certain documentary feel with a dose of cynism and cruel reality.
Hope is about the youngest member of the family, thirteen-year-old Melania, who is spending her summer in a weight-loss camp. Melania falls for her doctor, who is forty years older than she is, and is determined to experience her first relationship, no matter the cost.


A realistic look at life in the East Bloc in 1980.   The hopelessness and helplessness of people in the character of Doctor Barbara, living in a small village, where she has been relocated to be monitored by the Stasi, after filing a formal request to leave East Germany.  The heavy atmosphere of the historical background, supported by the dramatic acting of the main characters, slowly reveals the past that motivates Barbara to attempt her escape.

Sein letztes Rennen (Back on Track)

Living in a home for seniors is no fun. Septuagenarian Paul Averhoff, who lives in such a home with his wife, knows all about it.  Finding no satisfaction in limited daily activities, he decides to give life a second chance.  Supported by his wife, mocked by his fellow seniors, and totally opposed by the staff, he is willing to re-visit his former glory as an Olympic champion and participate in the Berlin Marathon once again.

Photo: IMDB

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