Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building Is Back

The murder-mystery show that took over the world last summer is back with the second season.

Only Murders in the Building has something for everyone. The show has legends from all walks of life participating in a story that hooks the audience from the first episode. Steve Martin and Martin Short have such legendary careers that they basically need no introduction. Their classic work supersedes description. Selena Gomez on the other hand is such a widely recognized name within the pop music industry that sometimes we can forget that she first became popular as a Disney actor. Here, however, she offers a new side to her. Her dry-cut humor fits so amazingly well with Martin and Short’s more physical presence. The show has all the ingredients to be great and season one was just that. How will season two fare out though?


Season One Recap 

The story begins with a murder. The three characters played by the main actors come together based on their shared love for a certain murder podcast. Although the police call the death a suicide, our heroes are not fully convinced just yet. They decide to do some investigating through the form of a podcast of their own. Throughout the 10 episodes, we see these characters get to know each other better. Most importantly, their incredible chemistry is just so much fun to witness. The mystery feels interesting enough to keep your interest too. That’s obviously important for the show with the word ‘Murder’ in the title. Just like in any good mystery story, the audience can play along to try and figure out who is the real killer and who is being framed even though they are innocent. 

After the premiere in August 2021, Only Murders in the Building has become a favorite of many. The expectations for season two were high. After what the first season offered, as long as the writers keep the same tone there really is no going wrong with this show. Everything works here — the comedy is truly comedic, the mystery is truly mysterious, and the acting is very much satisfactory, to say the least. 

After breaking Hulu watching records left and right, the show has also been generally received very well. 100 percent of critics on Rotten Tomatoes have given the show a positive review. That’s beyond impressive. The show is clever and gets more and more interesting with each episode. The first season was also nominated for a bunch of awards including the People’s Choice Awards and the Golden Globe Awards. 


Season Two Is Here

Season two promises even more thrills and intrigue. The main cast is back but now actors like Amy Schumer and Cara Delevingne are also joining the show. Perhaps the best way to go into this season is to not even watch any of the trailers at all. Just pop on Hulu and start experiencing the show yourself in real-time. There’s no denying that the popularity will only rise as more people will love the show and will spread the word to anyone who will listen. No matter what genre of shows you like, Only Murders in the Building has it. This season looks like it’s going to play out as if Agatha Christie wrote it herself. That’s probably the biggest praise anyone can give any thriller.  

The first two episodes of Only Murders in the Building’s second season have come out on June 28. From that point on, every week there will be one new episode for a total of 10. The final episode will come out on August 23, so make sure you are caught up by then. 

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