How to Use LinkedIn Videos to Grow Your Business

Professional networking sites like LinkedIn have changed the way people meet and do business with each other. LinkedIn's unique user base makes it a valuable resource for advertisers. Since LinkedIn is frequented by people in the workforce and those seeking employment, as well as businesses looking to connect with consumers with disposable income, it serves as a hive of creative activity.

LinkedIn has a large user base of business owners, online merchants, and marketers who may find the new video features useful. By allowing users to upload and share movies from their mobile devices, LinkedIn has enabled them a unique approach to broadening their professional networks and generating material that appeals to a specific audience. LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your credentials to a large audience. If you want to develop your professional network, adopting LinkedIn is a no-brainer.

You can network with other experts in your sector and establish potential partnerships. Data from the beta version of the platform shows that videos receive five times as many comments as any other content type on LinkedIn. Organizations that implemented video marketing saw a rise in sales compared to those that did not, according to research by Aberdeen Group. Below is how to use LinkedIn videos to increase sales.


Incorporating LinkedIn into Your Workflow Videos

♦ Users can access LinkedIn Video from any device, including desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. Step-by-step instructions for making and sharing videos are provided below.

♦ Users of the LinkedIn mobile app can access LinkedIn videos by tapping the play button next to the status update box.

♦ Next, the user chooses whether to record the action as it unfolds or to upload an already-existing video shot with their mobile device. Video captured with the phone’s camera and uploaded using the LinkedIn app will be stored in the phone’s media library.

♦ Third, users can annotate videos they’ve uploaded to LinkedIn with written descriptions. While your friends and family are scrolling through their news feeds, your submitted video will play automatically without sound.

Mobile app users were allowed to upload and share short videos to LinkedIn in 2016; however, this feature was restricted to LinkedIn’s influencers, and videos could only be 30 seconds in length. The features provided by LinkedIn’s video feature are hardly ground-breaking, but they are enough to entice users who have been waiting to upload videos to the network. Currently, the maximum length of a video you may upload to LinkedIn Video is 10 minutes. The video can be rotated either horizontally or vertically, depending on the preferences of the viewers. Subscribers of LinkedIn, similar to users of other major social networking sites, will be able to monitor the views, shares, and uploads of their videos.

Let’s take a look at some tried-and-true methods for generating leads and social selling on LinkedIn and consider how video could enhance their efficacy.


Adapt your strategy to your audience and your identity

Ensure that you not only have a comprehensive grasp of your target audience but that you can maintain this understanding throughout all of your marketing and advertising efforts. To demonstrate your individuality, give your idea a personal twist. Utilize LinkedIn profile information to generate original written and visual content for your target audience. With the advent of LinkedIn videos, more imaginative social selling strategies will emerge, allowing you to engage your target market and improve your sales pipeline. However, you must first become familiar with LinkedIn’s social selling strategies.


Maximize LinkedIn’s referral system and comments

Getting additional referrals from individuals you already know is one of the most significant things you can do. It’s the modern-day equivalent of word of mouth and will help you greatly extend your network. As a result, you may be more willing to devote time to social selling. The amount of interest in your video determines how many comments it receives. Please don’t abandon them like that! Responding to comments and inquiries or providing further information about your business can provide a signal to the LinkedIn algorithm that your video is generating positive debate in the feed.


Focus on quality content

The quality of the videos you create will have a significant impact on your online marketing campaign. Quality matters more than ever in today’s market. Your intended viewers are professionals in the same field as you. There will be more harm done than good if you don’t have a professional understanding.

LinkedIn videos are an excellent marketing tool, and they are increasingly surpassing other kinds of online communication in terms of audience. You may use these videos to increase both brand awareness and audience engagement.


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