“Make a List of Everything that Stresses You Out and Bring it to Me”

One of the Youth Time Summer School masterclasses will be related to the very important topic of 'How to defeat stress'. Its speaker, one of the most prominent experts YT has ever had at the Summer School, Mike Fisher, has been focusing on this topic for the past 18 years. In this interview he reveals some interesting things and has a homework task for his masterclass attendees.

Mr. Fisher could you tell our readers a few words about yourself: Who are you? What kind of occupation do you have? Why does it drive you?

I have been in the field of personal and professional development for over 28 years and for the past 18 years my focus has been on anger and stress management. I see that some of the biggest problems that we have in our society is based on our inability to deal with stress and it’s one of the biggest health hazards in our communities. My vision is to teach people that it’s possible to live a stress free life if we follow certain rules to increase our ability to be happy.

What is the ‘How to defeat stress’ masterclass going to be about exactly? Where would the focus be?

The main focus on the beating stress presentation is four key pointers:
1. Stress is a low self-esteem issue – increase your self-esteem, reduce your stress levels
2. You can choose your own suffering – Stress creates a lot of suffering both psychically as well as emotionally
3. Identify what your priorities are in life and then follow a course of action
4. The actions needed to fulfil your goals of reducing your stress

What will the format of the masterclass be?

The format will be very experiential. You will see how you create your own suffering and how to uncreate it. You will discover how to increase your happiness quotient.

What should Summer School participants do to prepare before attending your masterclass?

Make a list of everything that stresses you out and bring the list to the workshop.

How will your masterclass help Summer School attendees in the future?

One thing you will find after doing this workshop is that you will be in charge of your stress and anxiety and that every time you feel anxious or stressed you can ‘shake the apple tree’ and instantly reduce your stress levels. You will also discover how to increase your self-esteem by making yourself a priority in your life.

Is there anything else you wish to add?

If you are interested in the subject read my book, Mindfulness and the Art of Managing Anger.

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