Unusual Professions: A Voiceover Artist

Maybe you have been complimented on your voice all your life, maybe you are frequently asked if you have ever considered working in advertising. And so, have you? Some voices are such that they give others goose bumps. Having a good voice is really a blessing, although a good voice alone is not enough. One still has to  cultivate the voice, in terms of inflection, pronunciation, recitation, and articulation.

Voiceover Artist is a profession that is useful in TV, the movies, radio, in many different areas like dubbing or creating voices for cartoon characters, advertising on TV or radio, serving as the commentator for animal programs, or even audio books… there is just no end to the possibilities of earning serious money with your voice.

There is no degree required for this job, although it does no harm to study any course course related to the field, such as evening acting classes.

You can start with a local studio and reach the well-paid jobs step by step. If you wish to start at home, be aware that without the necessary equipment – including computer and mobile device, high-speed Internet, microphone, sound equipment, and sound booth – it is unlikely that you can break into the field.

If you can read well and articulate, you could well land a high-paying job as a voiceover artist. You could start by getting some practice at a local recording studio or reading books out loud. You can also find a lot of resources at your local library.

Average pay: $50,000 – 80,000/year. Sometimes you can make your daily or even weekly earnings in as little as five minutes.

Somebody might argue that many more movies today are subtitled than dubbed, and that this is better in many ways, including, of course, savings in the cost of production, not to mention the uneven quality of the dubbing in many dubbed movies. Also significant, for many viewers of subtitled films, is the possibility of learning a foreign language by listening to the original version and following the subtitles. But! First of all – there is no way dubbing will stop completely, and I‘m not talking just about mindless telenovelas. Also – the number of cartoon movies produced yearly is increasing rapidly. This area alone employs large numbers of people. Similarly, the popularity of audio books – have you realised how important it is to listen to a skilfully read text and how irritating it can be to listen to the same book with an inexperienced voice or a bad recording? It is a good enough reason to stop listening immediately.

If you still wonder if this is the right thing to try, I have a very simple test for you.

Have you ever tried to read or tell a fairy tale to a child? Then try it! Children are great at giving first hand, critical reviews, simply by either devouring every word you say or cutting you off. At least you will know what to improve. And that is not to discourage you, but the opposite.

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