‘Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability’ Webinar Series

On Tuesday 18th May at 3.30pm CET, Youth Time International Movement is set to host the next webinar in the ‘Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability’ series. 

This time, they will chat to Dr Olga Harronen, from the University of Eastern Finland, about “Working and Traveling: the Phenomenon of Digital Nomads”.


Webinar Focus – Future Skills 

COVID 19 changed life as we knew it across the world. Non-essential workers were converted to remote work within a matter of weeks and this transition may have altered the workplace for the foreseeable future.

Digital Nomads however were a growing phenomenon before COVID and have gained much traction in recent years.

This type of work and lifestyle allows individuals to work remotely and live wherever they choose in the world rather than being confined to one city and showing up in person to their office.

This session will detail how and why digital nomads are able to do what they do and the connection between career, life, and day to day mobility.

This webinar is a part of the ‘Future Skills for workplace sustainability’ series and is focused on digital nomads in the modern age of work.

Not just the adaptation of working remotely, but working and living remotely rather than being permanently located where the office happens to be.

During this webinar Dr. Hannonen will explore what is a digital nomad, what their work and lifestyle generally entails, as well as the conditions that allowed this style of work and life to arise. Ever dreamed of living abroad and working remotely?

Not sure how this lifestyle could work for you? This is your chance to ask an expert in the field!


Who is the Webinar designed, and beneficial for?

This webinar is suited to all people from all backgrounds. Having a proper work-life balance and maintaining mental health is crucial as we move into life and into workplaces around the world after the pandemic. 


About the Speaker 

Olga Hannonen is a post-doctoral researcher at the Business School, University of Eastern Finland.

She has carried out research on second-home and residential mobilities in Russia, Finland, Spain, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Through her recent research, Dr. Hannonen has looked into theoretical aspects of digital nomadism as a new and growing trend in lifestyle mobilities.

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Take a look at our previous webinar about future skills following our YouTube channel.


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