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One of the most illustrious institutions, Copenhagen Business School, has faculties across business management, social sciences, accounting, economics and others. This esteemed college was established way back in 1917 and later integrated with the Danish university system.

Enroll In Free Online Courses at Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School has been, for some years, offering free online courses.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Digital Transformation in Financial Services Specialization: The course covers concepts such as digital platforms. The field of finance is going through a rapid modernization. The course helps keep pace.
  • Patenting in Biotechnology: Patenting even the simplest of products is tricky business with innumerable pitfalls which is why when a lay person comes up with a bright idea (in fact most bright ideas have originated among lay people and housewives), it is always advisable to go through a patent attorney. The course teaches you about intellectual property rights with a special focus on patents.
  • An Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing: Selling used to be a lot simpler. No longer so. Not by a longshot. The course teaches you about the basic brain-mechanisms in consumer choice and covers current and future uses of neuroscience related to business.

Their courses have subtitles in English and some of them in more languages. Look up this link for information on Copenhagen Business School and all the courses being offered.

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