Foods That Do Not Belong To The Refrigerator

True - with civilization and its creations, the necessity to store grocery for too long is not crucial anymore. On the other hand, it is also true that the fridge is a must have appliance in almost every household. However, do we really know what belongs to the fridge and what doesn‘t?

Bread will lose its crispness instantly if stored in a fridge. It is still a better option to freeze it rather than refrigerate.

Garlic and Onions also have the tendency to dampen and there is a risks of germination. Both belong to a cool, dry and a dark place. Freshly cut onion should not be stored at all. Once sliced or cut, onion develops toxins within 12 to 24 hours.

Potatoes in the fridge will transform starch into sugar and you will end up with sweet tasting potatoes. Same as onion and garlic – cool, dry and dark places keep them better.

Tomatoes and avocados will stop their process of ripening and lose their flavour.

Herbs will fade in the fridge. It is better to grow them in a pot or keep cut herbs in a glass containing water.

Did you also think melon will last longer in the fridge? Actually it will but will lose its antioxidants. It is better to keep it outside of the fridge and once cut, consume it in a short period of time.

Bananas do the exact opposite of potatoes – instead of sweetness they develop a starchy texture. Not to mention they also turn black.

Most of stone-fruits and citrus fruits should be stored at room temperature and consumed within a week or so. If they are still in the process of ripening, the cool and humid environment of the fridge will stop it.

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