Foetal, Soldier Or Pilot… Which Is Your Sleeping Position And Does It Suit You?

Our sleep determines our true personality, scientists believe. And why not?  After all,  it is often our unwitting actions that speak more than words. Apart from the psychological insight  there are also health factors.  So in which of these sleeping positions do you recognise yourself?

According to Professor Chris Idzikowski, there are 6 common sleeping positions.

People sleeping in a Foetal position are sensitive and sometimes shy at first sight. It is also a position more common to women. This position can cause problems for the spine, if the neck is not aligned with the spine. Therefore, the pillow needs to be carefully chosen.

It is not only sleeping like a log, but also lying like a log – on the side with arms by the sides. People who sleep in this posture are trusting, social and easy going. Good for the spine. The  problems can be insufficient blood flow and pressure on the nerves  in the arms.

The yearners sleep on their side with arms in front of themselves. They have difficulty making up their minds  and can be suspicious. This position is best for the natural curve of the spine.

Quite amusing is Freefall. People lying on their belly with hands around the pillow  with their head on the side. This group of people was described as cocky  but nervous too and they don´t  like criticism.  The Freefall position generally helps the digestive system  but can be harmful for the neck and  the spine due to the unnatural placement of the head.

The Starfish is when one lies on the back with arms around the pillow. Starfish are popular  people as they are good listeners and helpful  to others. This position is generally good for the spine and the neck, though the hands behind the head put  extra  pressure on the shoulders and the joints.  It also can increase the risk of acid reflux.

The Soldier is lying on one’s back with arms along the sides. “Soldiers” are quiet people  and do not fancy fuss. The Soldier position is generally the healthiest  for the back. On the other hand,  it leads to snoring and apnea.

And finally, an extra position of Pilot. Nowhere on the bed.

Photos: Shutterstock / collage & design: Martina Advaney

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