5 Perfect Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for a romantic movie to cozy up to with your loved one or even by yourself, these are some of the best ones Hollywood has to offer.

Romance films have an incredible charm that’s unique to them. Usually, romance, comedy, and
drama are great combinations of genres that have provided us with some of the most heartfelt
tearjerkers ever. From classics to newcomers, here are some of the most perfect romantic films to
enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Based on a Shakespearean comedy, Gil Junger’s 10 Things I Hate About You is a timeless
classic. The high school romance, the well-thought-out characters, the age-appropriate dialogue,
the acting, all work in the movie’s favor. Perhaps most importantly though the chemistry
between the two leads, Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger is off the charts. They sell the movie by
themselves. Plus, who could ever forget Heath’s incredible voice singing Can’t Take My Eyes
Off You. This movie truly is the whole package and a perfect choice for Valentine’s.

The Notebook (2004)

One of, if not THE, most popular romantic movies ever made, The Notebook is based on the
novel of the same name written by Nicholas Sparks. It’s certain that for a great many people
watching this film every year at least once is a must. There is everything in it, laughter, drama,
love, and most importantly tears aplenty. No matter who you are watching this film will surely
invoke some emotion that you won’t be able to hold in. And typically, that emotion involves a
lot of crying. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in the lead roles are the cherries on top of
this incredible cake. If somehow you still haven’t seen The Notebook, do yourself a favor and
spend Valentine’s Day watching it. Maybe then you’ll figure out why everyone’s always so obsessed
with it.

Casablanca (1942)

Giving meaning to the phrase ‘old but gold’, Casablanca is the kind of romantic classic that will
never be forgotten. Set during the Second World War the story follows Rick Blaine, played by the
legendary Humphrey Bogart, and his inner conflict between choosing to be with the woman he
loves or to help her and her husband escape Casablanca. Generally regarded as one of the best
movies ever made not just romance-wise, this is a must-watch for any lover of cinema regardless
of preference. However, it also just happens to be thoroughly romantic and thoughtful to the
point that a watch on February 14 every year can be considered an obligation of sorts.

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Directed by Luca Guadagnino and set to one of the more memorable soundtracks of recent years
performed by Sufjan Stevens, Call Me By Your Name is an exploration of love. Again a little bit
of a warning though, this movie will likely be the cause of many tears and heartache.
Wonderfully acted by Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer and set to an out-of-this-world
beautiful scenery somewhere not specified within Italy, this movie has a little bit for everyone. It
was also nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, just in case you needed more convincing that
you should in fact watch this movie if you haven’t yet. And what better day to do that than the
one in which romance is very much in the air everywhere.

About Time (2013)

Perhaps slightly less known than some of the other films in the same genre About Time is quite
a romantic masterpiece. It truly is a genuine showcase of love, struggle, and everyday
happiness. The story is not only clever, but the length in which it goes to and the twists that show
up along the way are quite a sight to behold. There’s no denying that this is simply a really good
romantic film to snuggle up and watch with your romantic partner. The best way to go into it is
to not know much of anything about the story and especially not having watched any trails
beforehand. Let the film take you places you never saw coming while actually learning
something about life as well.

Whether you choose to watch one, two, or more films around Valentine’s Day, if you’re a fan of
on-screen romance then none of these picks will let you down. Though everyone has their
personal preferences and opinions, generally speaking, these are all critically acclaimed films
with huge followings by people who were made to feel real emotions in the process of watching
them. So, don’t wait any longer, pick one or more films to watch now and enjoy.

Photo: Sokor Space/shutterstock.com

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