5 Movies That Will Definitely Cheer You Up

They say that seeing somebody else's troubles will make you realise that here and now is not so bad after all. Yes, sometimes there are days that are not the best, but thankfully there are some movies to watch. And not just any. The films below will surely cheer you up when you need a lift. Let‘s get started.

Les Visiteurs

The Visitors is a timeless French comedy with its middle-aged humour and, of course, the insouciant behaviour that goes with the genre. Obviously not everything fits in with the future time which the two main characters (Jean Reno and Christian Clavier) accidentally travel to and where they unfortunately get stuck for a while. There have been a few sequels, but the first The Visitors has the freshest feel of them all.


Yes Man

Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) is a bitter divorcé who has shut himself away in a world of “No”. He likes to say “No”. Actually, he enjoys saying it. Until he visits a “Yes” seminar that will change his life. From this point forward, only the opposite word will fill his life, and it will create some funny situations along the way.


Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey as Bruce and Jennifer Aniston as his girlfriend Grace star in a fantastically funny comedy about what would happen if one were given The Power of God. And then God shows up – and who else but Morgan Freeman.  Excellent timing and great acting are guaranteed. If you have been thinking that life has not been fair to you lately, you might want to see Bruce Almghty. Without useless pathos it will show you exactly how it is to please everyone.


Bridget Jones’s Diary

In a selection of movies like this, I believe that Bridget Jones is a can‘t miss. Renée Zellweger did a damn fine job to give her character unforgettable spontaneity. Take a serious look at Bridget, and all worries vanish. She is desperate, she is needy, she is totally out of luck, and still you sympathise with her. She personifies all the problems and wipes out all the worries.


Groundhog Day

Bill Murray is an eccentric who doesn´t care much about anybody or anything. Until the fatal storm that imprisons him in the time warp of Groundhog Day. Nothing to envy, if you think about it. Waking up every day in the same day, knowing what will come, while for others it´s a brand new day, would teach even the biggest crank in the world some manners. And so it teaches him to live life like there is no tomorrow, with a sense of humor.


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