From Comedy To Drama: Five Movies About Teenage Pregnancy

The pregnant teenager - it is a topic that promises much in all genres. Early pregnancy is the topic of today's five movies, ranging from crazy comedies to controversial and serious dramas about young mothers from different backgrounds, who have to cope not only with their situation, but often also with their community and its prejudices.


Juno is an unexpected comedy about a 16 year old who is pregnant. While Ellen Page, who  played the main character, had already turned 20 at the time of shooting, her very young appearance convinces you that you are watching a crazy teenager who deals with her pregnancy in a way that is indeed peculiar. The dialogue is good, the timing as well. The scene when Juno informs her best friend about  her situation by calling from her “burger” home line is lovely. J.K. Simmons, who plays Juno’s father, is also worth mentioning.

Mom at Sixteen

A TV movie with out-sized ambitions – that is Mom at Sixteen. Terry Jeffries has just moved with her three children – Jacey (16) and Macy (12) and 3 month old Charlie – to a new home. The  girls are slowly getting used to a new environment at school, and all seems to be good, except Jacey, who otherwise is a good student, is not much in touch with her peers. That attracts the attention of school counsellor Donna and coincidently reveals the unexpected secret  that her brother is actually her son.


A heartbreaking drama about a 16-year-old, obese African-American girl, Claireece „Precious” Jones, who is maltreated by her mother. Although she attends school, she is actually illiterate and on top of that is expecting her second baby. She gets an opportunity to move to another school where she finally meets a kind and patient teacher who becomes the first person who makes a difference in the life of a giant, lonely girl lost in a world of hatred and judging. The movie was very warmly received by the critics.

Maria Full of Grace

A Colombian drama about finding one‘s own space in the world. Maria lives with her mother, grandmother, and sister in small town near Bogota. Maria is seventeen, she lives a very stereotypical life, working at a nearby flower plantation. She finds out that she is pregnant and tries radically to change her future prospects. She gets involved in a very dangerous game that will change her inner force and her future path.

Riding in Cars with Boys

Drew Barrymore as Beverly Donofri  has been all about boys since she entered puberty. From the moment she and her girlfriends visit a party, her life turns upside down. The man she wants and is in love with makes a fool out of  her, and then, while getting over this bitter experience in the bathroom, she meets Raye. Raye is understanding, and makes her cry on his shoulder. But it doesn‘t stop with the shoulder. Soon she finds out she is pregnant…at fifteen…and the father is Raye. Her dreams of attending the university and becoming a writer are in shambles.

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