Five Independent Movies

Before the weekend starts, we invite you to join us for our customary excursion into the movies. This week we present a set of films that are not the usual productions from large, well-known film companies, but instead are movies made by small, often low budget makers which have made an extraordinary contribution to the film industry. Let's watch some independent movies this weekend.

Like Crazy 

Take her and him – first love and then cruel separation – and you have a mix that won’t leave one eye dry. This movie about sudden separation between two students at a Los Angeles university after one of them is deported from the country has a very strong emotional impact even on the viewers. 

Short Term 12 

Another indie movie, this one set in a temporary home for teenagers in distress. Grace is a young supervisor in the home, while she herself is fighting with her own past. Low budget movie that achieves great realism in expression.


Two unlike friends, Miles and Jack, go together on a tasting trip to the vineyards. It is a gift from Miles, who is connoisseur, to Jack, who is getting married next week and knows absolutely nothing about wine. Then a sense of conflict settles over the trip . . . and then two women cross their path.  A middle age crisis seems to be the only connecting point for these two former school friends. Jack even brings up the idea of calling off his wedding.  One way or another, this adventure changes their lives forever.


A bit of a weird and eccentric look into the life of 15-year-old boy who has very specific plans for living his life. First of all he is trying to save his parents’ marriage while at the same time getting into a relationship with perhaps an even weirder girlfriend.  One way or another, this movie will entertain you on its own terms.

Run Lola Run 

How many attempts to save Mani’s life in 20 minutes can Lola manage? A remarkable set of short movie variations with a brisk tempo, a quick series of flashbacks, rapid scene changes, and appropriate music.  This is a movie that will draw you into its action.

Photo: IMDB

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