Five Great Dramas Where Young People Clash With Reality

These five movies are shrouded in mystery, and you uncover the truth slowly. The main characters are fighting reality, whether it is in the form of addiction, or obsession, or lies, or secrets. The stories inevitably trigger uneasy feelings that something must soon happen.

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

A circle of helplessness and hopelessness, in which the four characters spin around defeating themselves with their weaknesses and addictions. Sara Goldfarb is a TV addict, having as the only goal in her life – to get onto her favorite TV show. Her son Harry, though a nice young man, tries to escape reality into a dream world along with his girlfriend. Then there is Harry’s friend Tyrone, who is a drug dealer. The urgency of the soundtrack promises the pending arrival of an unpleasant reality.


The Virgin Suicides (1999) 

There are five sisters, they are young and beautiful. Their house and mostly their lives are shrouded in a mystery that nobody realizes or understands. They are brought up by strict parents, and that’s how it would have remained … if one of the guys from the neighborhood hadn’t summoned the courage to take one of the sisters out. The title pretty much reveals the story, although the mystery is still there to be understood.


Of Mice and Men (1992)

John Malkovich’s adaptation of Steinbeck‘s novel, set in Depression-era America, about a couple of workers, George (Gary Sinise) and Lennie (John Malkovich), who travel from farm to farm, dreaming about having their own place to work on. Lennie is mentally challenged while being a really hard worker. George, his only friend, looks after him. And so does the movie slowly flow, tinted with beautiful music, and except for the underlying tension nothing indicates the coming moment that will change it all. They cannot escape reality forever.


The Human Stain (2003)

Anthony Hopkins is a successful university professor in a story set in New England in the late nineties.

In one moment he is confronted with a situation that triggers an unexpected sequence of events against the backdrop of one, fifty-year-old lie, that even the closest family members had no clue about. The climax of the tragedy is a passionate love affair with a young woman (Nicole Kidman).


L‘Adversaire (2002)

A French production of a dramatic and true story. Jean-Marc (Daniel Auteuil) demonstrates how one lie can ruin the lives of an entire family. At first glance, Jean-Marc is a successful doctor at a prestigious hospital with a lovely family and wonderful friends. Jean-Marc, however, does not work in a prestigious hospital, and in fact he did not even finish his doctorate. He hides this fact from his family and lives a dual life. Nobody has the slightest idea that something could be wrong. However, the situation escalates, cracks begin to appear, and people start noticing inaccuracies. The ensuing tragedy does not take long to come.



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