Five Enchanting And Captivating Soundtracks

You’ve experienced it – yesterday you watched a movie, and ever since then you can´t stop humming the main music theme . . . It is pretty obvious that film music is not just written to fill the blind spots in the movie, and is eligible to live a life of its own. Here are five captivating motion picture themes.

The Mission 

Starting with the big names, let’s have a look at Ennio Morricone. His name is historically connected with the film industry. You will find more info about his music here.

I would like to mention particularly the soundtrack for the movie The Mission

The main theme that you can listen in this sample uses the orchestra with incredible skill to give the movie a dramatic atmosphere that fits the story. 


Cast Away

Another big name is Alan Silvestri, who has composed music for such movies as Forrest Gump, Contact, and Cast Away. And the last-mentioned one I would particularly like to recommend.  The Main Theme, which you can listen to in this sample, is a simple as the movie topic but still – or maybe because of that – it is fascinating and touching. 


Old Boy 

The next composer comes from South Korea, and his name is Jo Yeong-wook. A soundtrack from his workshop accompanied the movie Old Boy. Particularly well done is the main theme, called The Last Waltz.  The violin and flute, combined with dramatic twists, create a perfect harmony with the dark mood of the movie.


Truman Show 

Who wouldn’t know the story of the man who lived his whole existence in a giant studio made so he could devote his life to shallow entertainment.  The pitch-perfect performance of comedian Jim Carrey goes hand-in-hand with an absolutely heart-breaking soundtrack from Burkhard von Dallwitz.


The Imitation Game

Disturbing and still as beautiful as the movie, which tells the story not just about breaking the Enigma Code, but mostly about and an unfortunate and unnecessarily broken life. Music: Alexandre Desplat (


Photo: IMDB

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