Five Completely Unpredictable Movies In Honor Of April Fools’ Day

As usual on Friday, we bring to you five films for the weekend. Today's movies are from the April Fools‘ Day category. Do you know what that means? The directors deliberately intended to challenge their audiences. From the beginning till the end you won't have the slightest idea what comes next. These movies are so well written and directed, that whatever you guess will be the end, you will still be surprised.

Mulholland Drive

On a deserted street called Mulholland Drive, in Los Angeles, where a murder is about to take place, suddenly a car accident prevents the murder from happening. Everybody is dead at the appointed spot, except the planned murder victim – a young woman. She suffers memory loss, including her identity, and while wandering the city all by herself, she meets another woman, Betty Elms. Betty has just arrived in the city for the first time and lives in her aunt’s appartment. Naomi Watts and Laura Harring excel in the film, the plot of which must not to be revealed any further, because the number of loops that are to come, can easily mean that you may find it necessary to watch this film more than just once. Check it out yourself.

The Prestige

Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are two rival magicians. It is never certain what is magic and what is not. If you are confident that no trick can ever fool you, you might change your mind after watching this movie. Tensions will persist right till the end.

Gone Girl

Perfect love, perfect couple, perfect house. It is somehow a little too perfect. Ben Affleck, as Nick, one day finds out that his wife Amy has  disappeared. The police begin an investigation, trying to get help from neighbours, friends, acquintances. The case is being broadcasted on and beyond the local news and judged by an emotional public. One moment they sympathise with Nick, another he is on the receiving end of audience hatred. The case is treated as an abandonment of his wife, kidnapping, and even murder. And Nick is not in an enviable situation. After all he is the main suspect. And then an unexpected thing happens. Is it good, is it bad or none of the above?


Roman Polanski can come up with a disturbing topic for a movie. The film Chinatown plays with the audience; and as the time goes by, adds more and more secret ingredients to confuse them. It is a cult detective story set in pre-war Southern California. Jack Nicholson, as the private eye Jake Gittes, is hired by a classy-looking lady to investigate her husband‘s infidelity. The atmosphere of the movie is skilfully sustained, it’s just the conclusion that may make you shake your head in disbelief.

The Game

When one is as rich as millionaire Nicholas Van Orten (Michale Douglas) and can afford anything in the world, any gift can seem a little too ordinary and boring. Although he is a rich man, he lives a boring and lonely life. When his brother Conrad (Sean Penn) gives him an unusual gift for his birthday, this finally seems to grab his attention. The Game becomes something he would have never, even in the corner of his soul, believed could happen.

Photo: IMDB

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