Five Classic Movies For The Ages

Today's five movies were chosen from the most successful classic movies of all time. It has been some time since these films were produced, however they remain charming and timeless. The main theme is the relationship between two people, sometimes reciprocated, or even tragic, but always captivating.

Roman Holiday (1953) 


A stunning Audrey Hepburn stars in a movie about what happens when Her Highness Princess Anne rebels against her royal duties, decides to discard her noble demeanor for a while, and jumps into a brief Roman adventure with a journalist played by Gregory Peck. Hepburn, perfect and beautiful as always, experiences the normal situations of an average young girl for the first time in her life, accompanied by a handsome guardian.

My Fair Lady (1964)


Have you heard about the classic book Pygmalion by G.B. Shaw? My Fair Lady is based on Shaw’s book: a story about the transformation of a shabby and cheeky street florist called Eliza Doolittle into a real lady, under the guidance of a Professor of phonetics, Henry Higgins. It won’t take too long for unexpected situations to start happening to turn the life of an avowed, grumpy bachelor upside down. Now he has to face the reality he created himself. Another excellent movie with Audrey Hepburn in a main role together with Rex Harrison: “Just you wait, Enry ‘iggins, just you wait…”

The Graduate (1967)


“Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again….”, the legendary music of Simon & Garfunkel accompanies the story of the timeless non-conformist played by Dustin Hoffman in the role of a fresh graduate who gets seduced by his father’s business partner’s wife, Mrs. Robinson. The situation becomes further complicated when he falls in love with her daughter. Hoffman was 30 years old at the time the movie was in production but still created inimitable scenes of a naively inexperienced young man who is torn between two women and his first experience exploring the twists and turns of adulthood.

Love Story (1970)


A story reminiscent of Shakespeare: a drama of two young people, Jennifer and Oliver, who come from different social strata and who, despite the resistance of Oliver’s rich parents, decide to marry and build their lives together. The parents’ opinion is rock-solid, and nothing can change it, and therefore the two young people have to start building from scratch with almost no money while facing the possibility that Oliver will be disinherited by his family. 

Romeo and Juliet (1968 version)


This is the best known and the most famous version of the renowned love story between two rival families and a love that surpassed even death. Director Franco Zeffirelli got a great opportunity when the young actors who had the leading roles, 17-year-old Leonard Whiting and 16-year-old Olivia Hussey, fell in love for real during production. Their movie characters took on an added authenticity which could be felt in every scene.

Photo: IMDB

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