Escape From Summer – Cool Weather In The Middle Of Summer

Summer is a season that most people enjoy. After all, the number of cars that traditionally head to the beach from June until August only proves the fact. But what if one gets tired of the heat? Even then there are possibilities to escape to places where even now, winter still reigns or where the temperatures stay low even in summer. Check it out with us.


is in the southern hemisphere, therefore the winter lasts from June to August. Temperatures 7 – 18 °C.

Sydney, Australia

New Zealand

same as Australia, also New Zealand is in southern hemisphere, therefore the winter lasts from June to August. Temperatures 12 – 16 °C, but in the South Island the temperature can go down to -10°C.

Queenstown, New Zealand

South Africa

South Africa also experiences winter from June – August. While the temperatures can drop even below zero, usually it holds between 7 – 26°C.

Underberg, kwazulu Natal, South Africa


Iceland can offers not only a beautiful nature but also temperature of 10– 20  which eventually reaches 25 °C.

Town of Husavik, northern coast of Iceland


Uruguay has a winter seasson from June to August and temperatures vary from 7 – 18 °C.

Punta del Este, Uruguay


Greenland is one of the coldest places on our list with temperatures not usually exceeding much over 10° C. Nevertheless some higher temperatures have been recorded.

Town of Kangaamiut, West Greenland


Winter season is June – August. Temperatures during July in Argentina are in the North are around 16 °C and in the South around 14 °C.

Circuito Chico, San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina


Madagascar has a cooler season from May to October, with temperatures between 18°C to 22°C.

Bekopaka, Madagasca


While in North it is around 0 °C, South is much warmer up to 20 °C.

Baikal Lake, Eastern Siberia, Russia

Photos: Shutterstock

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